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Incluminate - lighting backup

The problem of bulb failure
We're all familiar with bulb failure. Usually it happens when you flick the switch; the light glows extra-bright for a second, then there's a dull 'pop' from the bulb and the light goes out. Sometimes it happens when the bulb's been lit for a few hours. With compact fluorescent ('energy saving') bulbs, the failure may be more drawn out as the light becomes less bright over time, or the ballast may fail. More...

The solution
Incluminate fits into a light socket, with the bulb (incandescent filament or compact fluorescent) plugged into it in turn. When the bulb fails, Incluminate automatically illuminates a built-in backup light to give a similar level of lighting in the room.

You can thus choose to replace the failed bulb at a more convenient time. There's no immediate pressure: Incluminate's backup light will last many thousands of hours. More...

A series of proof-of-principle prototypes have been built to test and refine Incluminate's function, and to support the draughting of patent applications. The product's aesthetics are also under development; the aim is for the production version of Incluminate to be as compact and unobtrusive as possible. Much of the current development is focused on reducing the size of the device; the functional prototypes are significantly larger than necessary to give good access to the electronics for testing and development. More...

Moving forward
Incluminate recently won a 2006 IKB Engineering Award (details) and I am developing it further, along with investigation of the market. I've applied for a British patent and have received very useful advice via g2i, which has helped me plan how to move forward with the project.

My current priorities include analysing and segmenting the likely markets for Incluminate, with a view to compiling a credible business plan. This will, in turn, enable me to attract funding for the project, which will allow me to concentrate more fully on it and accelerate the development of prototypes, design for manufacture and a testing programme.

As such, any comments or suggestions from potential users—domestic or commercial—or anyone else interested in the product would be very gratefully received. Development partners, licensees, investors or distributors are also sought: please do get in touch.

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