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Incluminate - lighting backup

Incluminate™ provides backup room lighting in case of bulb failure. Simply fitting between the bulb and a standard socket, Incluminate detects bulb failure and automatically illuminates to provide a similar level of light in the room.
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It's intended to be especially useful for elderly or infirm people who may otherwise have to climb, dangerously, up onto a chair in darkness to reach a light fitting to change a bulb if it fails. Other householders will find Incluminate convenient for light fittings in awkward places to reach, such as above a stairwell.
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There are also plenty of non-domestic applications, such as care homes, pubs, cafés, historic buildings, small shops and hotel rooms/guesthouses - anywhere where a bulb failure would cause significant inconvenience or safety risks.
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Incluminate won a 2006 IKB Engineering Award (details) and is currently being developed further, along with investigation of the market. A British patent has been applied for.

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Any comments or suggestions from potential users—domestic or commercial—or anyone else interested in the product would be very gratefully received.

Development partners, licensees, investors or distributors are also sought: please do get in touch.

Dan Lockton, July 2006

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